Top-Rated Dental Implant Dentist in Prescott, AZ

Dental Implants

Everyone wants a pearly, beautiful smile, and missing teeth certainly create a gap in that desire. Well, do not worry, as Dr. Jason A. Curtis DMD is here to offer you your healthiest, natural, lifelong smile.

Modern dental implants are cost-effective and a reliable solution to missing teeth or even multiple teeth. Dental implants are becoming a household procedure because of the various benefits.


Dental implants provide strong and stable functionality, just like natural teeth. These are designed to last a lifetime and are secure, so there’s no hassle of removing them, cleaning them externally, or worrying about your food choices. Customized to match your natural teeth, dental implants look beautiful while preserving your existing jawbone and have no impact on surrounding teeth.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

The list of advantages is endless but let’s look at the most popular reasons for getting dental implants.

A long-lasting Solution

Once you get them, they are here to stay. The process of Osseointegration allows the titanium of your dental implant to fuse with your bone, strengthening your jawbone and giving you lasting results. The implant is eventually rooted in your jaw, maintaining your facial structure and giving you a stable eating experience.

Cost-effective Solution

Dental implants are cost-effective in the long run. You are paying upfront once, but that saves you an expensive visit to the dental clinic every few months. Take good care of them, and you are essentially set for life, unlike needing to replace bridges or dentures after a few years.

The Healthiest Option

Modern dental implants do not decay or develop cavities. This is where they beat even your real teeth. With proper brushing and maintenance, these implants provide good oral hygiene. There’s no need to reduce surrounding teeth for any support, unlike tooth-supported bridges.

The Beautiful Option

Dental implants are customized to match your tooth shape and shade. There’s no match to dental implants when it comes to natural beauty as well as functions. Unless you tell them, no one can tell the difference between these implants and your real teeth.

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